Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Welcome Aboard!

Life is good when a boat galley has many of the same features as a home kitchen - well, minus the abundant pantry and storage capacity of drawers and cabinets. While the Capt. grills and steams a lot of fresh seafood on our yearly cruise, I love to bake and braise and roast and create sauces and go-with-its for our 5 months afloat. Reality check: not everyone who reads OTM-Cruise News is interested in my latest sourdough variation, or wants to know of one more marinade or sauce for salmon/halibut/whatever. OTM-In the Galley is a solution to sharing my foodie enthusiasm with anyone who cares.  It might be a catalyst for improving my photography - or it might have the shortest blog life ever recorded if it feels too much like work. Anyway, welcome to my galley. 
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