Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Bacon Cravings

What makes bacon so irresistible? its tantalizing aroma? the snappy sizzle while it cooks? or the sweet/salty tang of the flavor? Eating healthy, eating local, focusing on fruits and veggies, ingesting fewer processed foods… I can support the convincing logic of all that, but I just can’t get past my bacon cravings.

Have you noticed the abundance of bacon references lately, everywhere you turn it is bacon this and bacon that? bacon salt, baconnaise, bacontinis, bacon everything. Yesterday I read HomesickTexan’s post featuring Chocolate Chip Pecan Cookies with Bacon Grease. Not exactly my thing but I dreamt about bacon and awoke with bacon on the brain. Breakfast today just had to include bacon, and not by itself or in some boring, traditional way. Based on what was available in the kitchen, the best choice was an open-faced bacon, sardine, avocado sandwich. Shades of the Alton Brown original, I think I just added an improvement.

Ron slowly shook his head from side to side, muttering something I chose not to hear about my morning food selections. The man actually refused to join the taste test. Note: he did eat two pieces of crispy bacon before he poured his bowl of cereal.

I have already described my avocado/sardine sandwich, but this new riff is worthy of mention. Bacon adds the missing flavor pop, it sets my taste buds quivering. 

Do you need some other bacon ideas? Here are just a few of the many I have found lately.

Bacon Jam       
Bacon animation anyone? What are your bacon favorites?


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  1. Girlfriend, I love bacon but enough with the strange sardine stuff. Talk to me about real food. Notice I didn't sign my name - I want you to keep inviting me to dine. LOL


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