Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Alaska Blogging Note

Hooray! We crossed the border and have arrived in Ketchikan... and do I have some stories, recipes, and photos to share. We're not in any port on a regular schedule this year, and our mobile Verizon HotSpot is not connecting to the internet so posting is sporadic at best. 

I have prescheduled a few posts to publish for the next few weeks, while we are out cruising and having fun. The fun will increase when we start fishing, crabbing and prawning in between kayaking and looking for wildlife. 

I haven't a clue who reads this blog besides some friends and family members, so today's statistic of 5153 views was a huge surprise. Hey, I was surprised when the number reached 500! So, whoever you are, thanks for the visit and please, leave a comment or two sometime.

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