Saturday, March 10, 2012

Stir Fry with Pork and Rice

I had spent hours working on a project this morning when suddenly it was late afternoon and I was starving. Not literally, but breakfast was hours ago and my stomach growled noisily. The refrigerator yielded interesting odds and ends, but nothing substantial by itself. No problem, when heated together those interesting ingredients resulted in a dish somewhere between Pork Fried Rice and a Stir Fry of Pork and Rice. Finished with a splash of Thai Sweet Red Chili Sauce, lunch was delicious no matter what I called it. Leftovers-for-Lunch can be challenging, but today it was just delicious. 

There are no directions for this dish, but it included the following:  

Sort of Stir Fried Pork and Rice

1 tablespoon Canola oil heated (to crisp up the meat and vegetables)
1 clove garlic, minced and a knob of fresh ginger, grated
2 slices roasted pork, cut into bite-sized pieces
a cup of green vegetables (kale, baby bok choy, chard, etc.) steamed
2 green onions, green and white parts, sliced thin
a bit of red pepper, cut in small dice
a few currants

1 cup cooked rice, stirred in at the same time as...
1 tablespoon Thai Sweet Red Chili Sauce
2 tablespoons water

Heated through and served, topped with a small handful of sliced almonds.


  1. A stir fry makes leftovers look good.

  2. Revisited this recipe today but substituted beef for the pork with yummy results. I love it when easy and impromptu meals utilizing leftovers turn out to be satisfyingly delicious. Win/win!


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