Monday, April 9, 2012

Chutney This and Chutney That

I couldn’t resist the temptation to update the chutney story, to add a note explaining how we have used this condiment lately, and add a few photos. It seemed a good idea while there was still a little chutney left in the jar. A very little. 

We typically enjoy Spicy Mango chutney as:

...the base layer in a chicken chutney sandwich. 

Stack thin slices of chicken breast, a layer of greens, very thin tart apple slices (I recommend Granny Smiths), and a bit of Brie or Havarti cheese between slices of whole grain bread. Toast the bread separately in a toaster or press the prepared sandwich in a panini press - either way this sandwich is a winner. 

We typically enjoy Tangy Mixed Fruit chutney as:

...a topping for a block of cream cheese and served with crackers, crispy wontons or tortilla scoops. These appetizers disappear fast.

We typically enjoy either chutney as:

...a condiment to accompany Hawaiian meatballs, lamb curry, chicken wraps, and even top a biscuit or a plain bowl of rice.

I also suspect an unnamed kitchen visitor (I'm looking at you, RL) eats chutney straight from the jar with a tablespoon when no one is looking. Of course that's just an unfounded suspicion. 

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