Thursday, May 3, 2012

Any day now...

Yes, any day now I'll return to cooking real meals. We moved back on board the boat and this week has been full of grabbing a snack or dining out. Not that I haven't been busy in the galley, oh no. I've emptied shelves, inventoried stores, cleaned refrigerator, freezer and cabinets and had all kinds of food-related fun. The sourdough pot sits neglected on the shelf, tempting me to at least bake a loaf or make some pancakes. Instead we breakfast on fruit and cereal, and lunch on salads or fruit with crackers and cheese. A&W, Boston Pizza and the Riptide Marine Pub have provided filling dinners on the nights we didn't skip dinner and fall into bed too tired to eat. I did cook assemble a dinner of ramen with a vegetable stir fry topping, and another night we ate popcorn with Parmesan for dinner, but there are no photos to prove that I ever heated a burner or even turned on the microwave. 

The boat will be hauled out later today and we'll be living aboard on dry land for several days. That always adds a few new wrinkles to managing life on the boat. Maybe I can come up with a batch of yummy cookies for the shipyard crew as well as a cooked meal or two for the captain.

Back in the galley soon - see you then.


  1. Hi Dee, I stopped by to see if it was time to bring the boat out. I had a feeling it was. Do you have your next adventure planned already?

    1. Sandy, it looks like another week or two in town at the dock, then 10-14 days to travel north to Ketchikan, and then we cruise whenever and wherever we feel like it in SE Alaska. Float plans always change so we tend to "wing it" and wander.


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