Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Train Wreck for Lunch

YOU may have reveled in Mexican menus on Cinco de Mayo, but we were happy to celebrate with friends, sipping a brew and ordering off the regular menu at Burlington's Train Wreck Bar & Grill. The restaurant sits close to a main rail line, close enough so that everything vibrates whenever a freight train passes. I mean everything: the building, the floor, your chair, your bones kind of everything. Conversation stops, seconds pass and then the party gets rolling again. But even more memorable than the locale were the friendly, knowledgeable servers and the tempting menu. It took me forever, much longer than usual, to read through each section, trying to settle on the perfect item for a late lunch. Once again fish tacos sounded too good to ignore.

Just look at this loaded plate of fish tacos, doesn't that bring a smile to your face and tempt your appetite? The cod was impeccably fresh and perfectly grilled, the accompaniments well-suited to complement the marinade. Three tacos were more than I could eat for lunch, so RL speared some fish onto his plate and declared it delicious. I agreed!

The BBQ Burger held a juicy patty composed surprisingly of flavorful smoked BBQ pork pieces. Served on a toasted, house-baked bun, this tasty sandwich held together until the very last bite. No annoying dissolving bun syndrome here, and check out the tasty sauce drippings on the plate. The clam chowder was creamy, well-seasoned with an unidentified special something, and packed with more seafood than potatoes - my criteria for a good recipe. I sampled a spoonful or two, and could have easily worked my way through the entire bowl.

Bill and Charlene ordered house favorite Train Wreck Burgers with cheese and bacon, but I think Char was most enthusiastic about the battered onion rings with tartar dipping sauce. I'll have to take her word for it. I passed on the offer to sample one, 'cuz you know you can't eat just one.

National TV News reported two cities tied for high temperature records on May 5 - Phoenix, AZ and Seattle, WA. Whaaat? Seattle?!? That was a surprise and a half. It was the perfect day for a road trip north to Burlington to visit friends, and enjoy a late lunch at a terrific eatery. Ole! Train Wreck Bar & Grill, we'll be back.

I'll get to the side trip some other time. The wolf dogs, fluffy-headed (Polish?)chickens, fat turkeys and multi-colored fresh eggs deserve their own post. 


  1. Ha! You guys are like us. We forget to photograph a great meal, until we realize it's wonderful and we have tasted it, so the photo has "holes" in it where bites were taken. :-)

    1. Got that right, Angie, it's more about the food than the photo.


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