Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Storage Challenges

A Not-Quite Wordless Wednesday Post

Cruising in northern B.C. means limited access to wi-fi and the internet for a while, so my posts will be intermittent. Please come by occasionally to see where we're at and what's cooking in the galley. Meanwhile, here's a look at July provisioning in Campbell River, and the accompanying storage challenges. Where did I put everything in those nine big boxes of food?

The fridge is loaded when we leave the dock.

One fruit basket of mango and citrus travels handily on the counter.

Mint adds zing to many dishes; it roots easily, holds well and travels in the sink when seas are rough.

Guacamole anyone?

Basil in a pot substitutes for a garden on board.

Overflow storage in the coolest spot on board... the counter in the guest head.

Freezer drawer #1 holds meats, cheeses, butter and tortillas today, and seafood in future weeks.

Freezer drawer #2 holds more meat, frozen vegetables and miscellaneous "stuff" like wontons and stir fry noodles.

And that's just the fresh stuff. Staples and dry goods fill up three cabinets above the galley bar...

...and juice, pop crackers and cereal are corralled in two sturdy cubes that double as seats.

One cabinet in the salon holds nuts and candy, games, baking trays, and other miscellany. Can't find something? check this cabinet first.

This tall skinny cabinet in our stateroom could hold tee shirts, sweatshirts, and the like. Instead it has turned into a small pantry. Below this cabinet, under a bench seat, a deep locker extends four feet forward and is packed with lightweight items like pasta and popcorn. 

I may have overdone the provisioning again, just maybe, but I'm ready for potlucks, happy hours and impromptu happenings. 


  1. Warm, really warm weather means we're eating a lot of fresh fruit as it ripens 'cuz there's no room to store it in the fridge. Not a problem!

    1. Update via news on the dock: the band store in Bella Bella burned down. Wow, am I happy I DID overstock on staples when I could, since that fire takes out a major resupply location.

    2. News articles related to the Bella Bella store fire,


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