Saturday, September 7, 2013

A Birthday Dinner at the Crab Pot Restaurant

The Before...

The After... 

...and the In Between.

The top photo shows just one side of our table covered with cooked fresh seafood. This was two servings of The Westport Seafeast, featured at the Crab Pot Restaurant, Pier 57 on Seattle's downtown waterfront. Now picture an additional serving piled alongside, plus an accompanying round of sourdough bread and butter. That was a lot of food for three of us!

What's in the Westport Seafeast? Dungeness crab, snow crab, whole shrimp in the shell, steamed clams, steamed Pacific mussels, thin coins of andouille sausage, chunks of corn on the cob, halved red potatoes in their jackets... and don't forget that loaf of sourdough bread. The seafood was dusted with spices and steamed, then dumped out on our butcher-paper covered table. A casual feast, it was meant to be attacked with wooden mallet, fork and fingers. The mallet came in handy for cracking the crab legs, and made plastic bibs a dining necessity. Messy? of course it was messy, but it was also finger-licking good and fun to eat.

We attacked the challenge with enthusiasm, focusing first on the seafood while it was still warm. Pause, breathe, ready for more. The andouille was mildly seasoned but had good flavor and I enjoyed half a dozen pieces. Pause, breathe, ready for more. The corn was tender and I nibbled on two chunks. Pause, breathe, no way, not ready for more. I could not find room for even one chunk of potato. You know the portions were generous when a handful of shrimp still remained at the end of the meal!

Hilary and Laci hosted tonight's feast and I loved every bit of the event. What's not to love about a fun location on a warm summer evening, outside dining with a playful presentation, assorted fresh seafood, and entertaining dinner company? A huge, heartfelt "thank you!" to Laci and Hilary for my delicious and memorable birthday treat. 

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