Friday, January 10, 2014

A Cupcake to Celebrate Elvis' Birthday

Photo: The Velvet Elvis Babycake at Cupcake Royale

January 8 is the day to honor The King on his birthday, and the blogosphere has been full of Elvis this and Elvis that. Seattle's Cupcake Royale is honoring Elvis the entire month of January with their Velvet Elvis. Their website describes it as:
"A Cupcake for a King!
Brown sugar banana cupcake swirled with peanut butter chocolate frosting. Now this is where it gets interesting. To bacon or not to bacon? To be a true Velvet Elvis you must choose with!"
H and I dropped into the West Seattle shop for a small dessert, just a bite, and CR's Babycakes were the perfect choice. Mini cupcakes provide energy and have almost no calories, right? H loved the Velvet Elvis and I... well, I passed on that choice. 

Photo: The Classic Babycake at Cupcake Royale
I don't care for peanut butter... nope, not even to honor The King... not even topped with bacon from Zoey's Meats. Nope, instead I relished my Classic:
"When you...feast your eyes on this treat, the holy spirit of deliciousness is gonna jump up inside you and it's gonna shout to the heavens -- 'Rainbow sprinkles! I want the one with the rainbow sprinkles!'"

It wasn't quite that easy to order since more than one cupcake in the display case tempted me. Is it always this difficult to choose "just one" at Cupcake Royale? 

This local treasure of a bakery was founded in 2003 as Seattle's first cupcake-only bakery. CR claims to be a pioneer, the first cupcake bakery to open outside of NYC. Now with seven locations it's easy to enjoy their made-from-scratch cakes all over the city. That's a good thing for anyone with a sweet tooth since the Babycakes are perfect little bites of deliciousness... and are almost guilt-free. 

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