Sunday, July 6, 2014

Grilled Salmon & Not-So-Secret Sauce

Photo: Grilled  zucchini and King salmon with not-so-secret sauce with a nest of Asian noodle salad
I'm sitting in a booth at MacDonald's, overlooking the harbor, and reveling in my first internet wi-fi connection in a month. June has been full of wildlife viewing, cruising and hanging out on anchor in quiet bays for long, really long days at a time. Somehow cooking and posting recipes has dropped down on the priority list. I'll catch up with some new recipes and posts soon, but here's a link to the Not-So-Secret Salmon Sauce to celebrate our first king salmon of the 2014 season (link). As always, fresh-caught salmon cooked on the grill and topped with the not-so-secret sauce makes for "good eats".

Photo: Grilled King salmon with not-so-secret sauce plus Parmesan Potatoes and SW Corn Salad

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