Thursday, June 9, 2016

In My Kitchen: June 2016

Photo: Morning Squall Hides Mt. Rainier

Last year on this date we were anchored in Gut Bay, SE Alaska (link), watching grizzlies out the window and enjoying just-caught prawns in the galley (link). Alas, this year we are still ashore at the lake house, delayed by my health issues and some long overdue house projects. Home repair and exterior painting drag on ...and on ...and still await final completion. Why is it so hard for contractors to finish the last 10% of any project?! I can't grumble too much, life on the lake is such a treat. Currently dawn lights up the neighborhood well before 5:00am and there's always something happening along the waterfront. Lake turtles bask on shoreline rocks, half a dozen heron hang out on the docks and piling, various water fowl cruise by trailing their new hatchlings. This particular heron spends long hours each day fishing in front of the house. We've taken a gazillion photos of his various poses, but are still waiting to catch a shot of him with a wriggling fish.

In my kitchen...
online food blogs and Pinterest pages are valued sources of recipe inspiration, but I still love print cookbooks. I read them like novels and scribble notes all over the page margins. Our library would frown at notations so I end up buying more cookbooks than any one person needs. Overwhelming temptation just arrived close to home when a local grocery relocated and Third Place Books and Raconteur eatery now fill the remodeled space. (link) Oh, my! it's futile to try and resist the lure of used books so close to home - so I didn't. These three came home with me on my first visit, a small sample of the many tempting volumes, used books mixed in with new on the shelves. 

I'll check out main floor coffee bar on my next visit, leaving the downstairs pub and all-day restaurant for a later date when the menu and service have shaken out a bit. Meanwhile, the Cupcake book will migrate to Hilary's kitchen and I'm already enjoying salad recipes from the Patricia Wells cookbook

Soba Noodle Salad with Chicken and Vegetables

BLT Salad with Avocado
It's time to pick out some of my under-used cookbooks to sell or donate, just to make room on my bookshelves for any future impulse purchases. 

In my kitchen...
protein powder entered the pantry for the first time, recommended by a nutritionist. No success story here, my GI system vehemently rejected it. Too much information?? Sorry. Now I'm researching other ways to boost protein intake, something (anything!) besides more quinoa. Any suggestions?

Thanks for stopping by. Leave a comment or a link to your kitchen if you like. To see what's happening in other kitchens around the globe, click over to Maureen's post at OrgasmicChef. You'll find a list of links in the right-hand margin as well as several more in the comments. 


  1. Would swap your lake house any days. I'm big with print too - love glossy pages of recipes. That salad book should be good. And the whey protein...scoop here and there in smoothie and mix with your favourite fruits. I also put in oatmeal when making sweet porridge. Love them in pancake too.Good luck.

  2. I'm familiar with the name Patricia Wells since I lived in Paris for awhile- now I must try her Soba Noodle Salad. I'm a bit of a snob when it comes to salads, but this salad has got it all- some sophistication plus good flavors! BTW, thanks for stopping by my blog G'day Souffle'- good to meet you!

  3. Dee, your lakeside photos are breathtaking! I'm glad you have that scenery to look at while your renovation is completed (we can hope) and to soothe your GI issues. It's no fun trying to figure out what you can or can't eat, but it looks like you found two winners in that salad cookbook! Hope you're feeling better, xo.

  4. Dee I just love your views from your lake house :) As for rents, they say all good things take time, everything will work out perfectly. As much as I research pinterest, Facebook, twitter & instagram, there's nothing like a cookbook in the hand, even if there's only one recipe you keep going back to! My cookbook collection keeps growing all the time! I'm not sure if you have access to super grains - quinoa, bulgar, freekah, farro, spelt, millet - they're all high in goodness for our bodies, especially protein. I have a couple of recipes on Miss Food Fairy using grains, they super tasty and go with all meats. Good luck & stay positive. Love catching up for IMK x

  5. I love print cookbooks too. Much easier to browse and read. Although I'm fine bringing a Chromebook into the kitchen when I want to use a specific recipe that's online. But books are the source for most of my best ideas. Fun stuff in your kitchen this month. And you live in a gorgeous place. But you knew that. :-)

  6. love the photo of the heron. so Zen:) i know what you mean about cookbooks. they just keep growing on my shelves. i like the sound of that new shop near you. books and coffee - what a combo.!


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