Tuesday, April 9, 2019

Spring in My Kitchen, Galley, and Elsewhere

We've bounced around a bit this Spring, but not too energetically. Sunshine and warming weather prompted more relaxation than busy activity; things like slower strolls through the neighborhood and more time spent birdwatching and blossoms opening rather than ambitious baking or recipe exploration. Ahhhh, Spring!

Friend Jean's Campbell River garden is especially stunning in Spring, a blooming wonderland of Japanese camellias, towering rhododendrons and colorful bulbs and perennials. An assortment of her camellia blooms brightened up the bar counter in the galley.

Friend Rose brought a sweet mini rose along with her on a recent boat visit; more Spring blooms to add color and cheer. 

Our meals aboard tended toward the routine, a combination of fresh produce and treasures from the freezer. On some days snacking replaced actual dining, a stressfree approach when not expecting company. Ahhh, but we did indulge in breakfasts on the ferry traveling to and from Vancouver Island. Platter-sized offerings fed both of us quite nicely, though RL always finds room for a small bowl of soft ice cream.

One new acquisition to celebrate is the replacement oven in the boat galley. Finally installed during the last days of our stay aboard, it still awaits action. I'm pretty excited over having three oven racks, one of which is a gliding, rollout beast sturdy enough to hold a Thanksgiving turkey... not that I've ever needed that capacity. Three racks makes me giddy enough.

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