Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Free 3-Day Food Photography Workshop

May 13-14-15

FREE Food Photography Workshop starts Friday!
Join Penny De Los Santos in a three-day online Food Photography Course 

Check it out and sign up immediately if you're interested. No, this isn't a commercial, it's more like a heads up on an opportunity. I"m looking forward to participating on Friday, and the rest of the weekend if the class is terrific and if we're still in port. 
I had seen the announcement last month and was excited about a workshop based in Seattle. Penny De Los Santos is a remarkably talented photographer. Her images are distinctive, recognizable even before you see the credits. This workshop would be an opportunity to gain tips and insights from a master, to watch her in action instead of just reading a how-to article. But scheduling presented a problem. We are usually cruising in Alaska by mid-May, without an internet connection, so why bother thinking about it. When Ree (thepioneerwoman) wrote a post this week about the workshop I grew excited all over again. We will be in town, at a marina, with wi-fi and maybe, just maybe BBXpress will give me a fast, solid connection hour after hour, for three days, over a long weekend. It's worth a try. 

While my primary focus will always be on cooking and enjoying a meal, I'd like to post images that reflect the experience. You know, in focus and appealing. I'm hoping for magic here, a way to improve my food photography, yet allow me to enjoy food while it's still warm, not re-warmed. 

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