Monday, October 3, 2011

An iPhone Exercise

Photo Number One

Setting: Columbia City Ale House, weekday evening, very dim light
Image: Swordfish Bruschetta

I am very late to the party it seems. The whole world is light years ahead, using their smartphones for photography. Actually taking a photo isn't difficult... once I locate the shutter... if my hand doesn't shake... if there's adequate lighting... if my arm is long enough...  No, the challenge is dealing with "What comes next?" What's the most efficient way to move the image from the iPhone to a computer? 

Don't tell me to just plug it in! I did that, but the computer didn't show the device. Now what?

This morning I forgot the next step, if I ever knew it or read it in the manual. Thus the above image is the result of e-mailing the photo to myself as a JPG file, actual size, and opening it in Photoshop for a little cropping. The iPhone image was horribly dark on my phone screen, but opened much brighter on the computer monitor. What happened there? Is the graininess due to the low light in the restaurant? or the selection of "actual size" instead of a reduced format when attached to an e-mail? or something else?

Back to the manual for this simple process, before I pester RL for quick directions. Perhaps I should begin with a return trip to to CCAH for lunch.  This would be for research purposes you understand, to reshoot the Swordfish Bruschetta in brighter light, maybe near a window. This time I could take the photo before I eat so much of it. 


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