Sunday, February 12, 2012

Volunteer Park Cafe

On a gray, drizzly day in Seattle it made sense to spend time touring the conservatory in Volunteer Park... and have lunch at the Volunteer Park Cafe, close by in the same neighborhood. The tropical plants on display were showstoppers, their vivid colors enticed us to linger a while in the comforting warmth of that humid environment. We were transported to Hawaii... almost.

The cactus room was cooler, but who could resist such an attractive desert setting? 

Visual treats are music to the soul, but Oh, my! that lunch had my taste buds humming a happy tune. The open-faced mushroom sandwich was a winner. Herb-roasted mushrooms, onion jam and melted smoked jack cheese piled high on toasted brioche paired with a green salad dressed with a fruity vinaigrette. Yummy! This sandwich is reason enough to return often, or make pints of onion jam at home.

The Brie and Apple Panini, made with sweet red apples, brie and lavender honey layered on a toasted baguette, hit more of a dessert note. It was tasty enough to finish, but was too bland, even a bit boring after that wonderful mushroom sandwich. H. and I shared both plates, but agreed we wouldn't bother with that particular panini again.

Good company, a floral symphony of color and a lovely lunch. How good was that? Now I'm ready to nibble my way through more of the menu at the Volunteer Park Cafe. Check it out in person or online at 

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