Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Plants in the Sink

What’s the story with the plants in the sink? And bare counters?

Everything that might move gets stowed safely away before departure, it’s a boat rule when we travel.  This really is a safety issue, intended to keep things in place if we start pitching and rolling suddenly. No one wants a coffee pot or cookie jar flying across the galley! Clear counters prevent messy galley disasters, even if it does look strange to occasionally have plants in the sink.

Books occasionally slide around on shelves, but nonskid mats under the bookends and shelves with raised lips help to keep them contained and off the floor. If VHF weather forecasts warn ahead of time that the water will be really lumpy, then we move any tippy things (like table lamps) and heavy items (knife rack, etc) to the floor. Rough seas usually prompt spending another day at anchor or in port instead of heading out into exposed channels.

Are there other safety-related boat rules?  Of course there are, scads of them, two notebook pages full of specifics to share with onboard guests. Most boat rules are matters of common sense, but it helps crew and visitors alike to review them regularly… before life gets bumpy and exciting.

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