Friday, May 9, 2014

The Herb Garden Afloat

Fresh herbs, yes! They add such a pop of flavor to so many dishes, taking them to the next level. This is an important feature when we cruise and are often weeks between ports and fresh produce. For practical reasons, many tiny groceries in small villages specialize in packaged and frozen items, with fresh anything dependent on weekly ferry delivery or floatplane service. I rely on an herb pot to help me add a sprightly touch to meals on board when fresh produce is limited.   

Beth, at Campbell River Garden Center, built this year's herb pot for the boat. Each Spring I look forward to visiting this nursery for my herbs, as well as to admire the displays and acres of gorgeous plants. The friendly, helpful staff always finds time to share information, answer questions, and offer a little garden therapy advice. 

Today they restrained me from stuffing too many herbs into one pot. Included are sage, oregano, thyme, Italian parsley, rosemary and some licorice-tasting tarragon. Taking a lesson from previous experience, spearmint and basil plants rate their own pots. Mint is super aggressive and will take over any space available, crowding out its companions. Basil requires warmth and shelter from wind and salt spray, so it becomes an indoor galley plant. 

Looking at those open spaces in the pot, I am so tempted to tuck in a few more plants; a leaf lettuce or two, maybe tiny Lemon Drop Marigolds to attract the hummingbirds, chives couldn't hurt... It sounds like I should buy a second pot, I'm sure the Capt. won't mind working around a garden at the upper helm station. LOL

What are your favorite fresh culinary herbs?

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