Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Festive Fruit Cubes

These fruit-filled cubes can turn almost any beverage into a party-in-a-glass. Pop a few cubes into a clear glass and add some Prosecco or white wine, maybe Sprite or Sangria, or plain fruit juice, or... whatever, and you'll smile at the result. 

I had some odds and ends of fresh fruit in the refrigerator, left after creating a colorful green salad with fruit. The small amount of leftover fruit could have gone into a smoothie or topped a dish of yogurt, but I really just wanted it out of the fridge, right now. 

Pop a few blueberries, raspberries and sliced grapes into each section of a plastic ice cube tray and top with water. Freeze for several hours until hard. Release and store in an air-tight freezer bag until ready to use.

Next time I might cover the fruit with white cranberry juice before freezing to add flavor without diluting my drink.

Cheers! Prosit! Slainte! Salud! Skaal! Kampai! Na zdravie! 

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  1. Try using lemonade for the freezing liquid, it will make a simple beverage seem special.


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