Monday, April 7, 2014

Five-Year Blog Anniversary

Let's Celebrate!

It has been five years to the day since the first post (link) appeared here on OTM-In the Galley, just an introductory paragraph without photo or recipe. Ahhhh yes, I've grown wordier over time. <grin

I've been crazy about cooking for decades and am happy to share recipes. By 2009 I finally realized that posting online could replace writing out a recipe card by hand or even sending a file via email, so I determined to give blogging a try. That first post presented a simple goal, to share recipes with accompanying photo(s) for as long as it remained a fun activity.
"OTM-In the Galley is a solution to sharing my foodie enthusiasm with anyone who cares.  It might be a catalyst for improving my photography - or it might have the shortest blog life ever recorded if it feels too much like work. Anyway, welcome to my galley." 
Five years later blogging is still fun, my photography shows some improvement and I've met scads of terrific, interesting people online who share the same enthusiasms. Some days the writing flows, on other days it's more of a challenge. The number of posts per month varies with our activity calendar and depends on wi-fi access when we're afloat, so there's been no set publishing schedule. Fishing or crabbing, photographing whales or tracking a grizzly bear along the shore in my kayak are activities that often compete for time with my writing/editing efforts. No surprise, I head outside and the writing and editing wait until later, sometimes much later.

I'm amazed at the growing page view count; over 100,000 views from people all over the world. Who are you readers, and how did you find OTM-In the Galley? Whoever you are, I am thrilled that you visited and hope you'll return. Leave a comment every now and again, and I'll return the favor.

Blogger Statistics indicate most viewers arrived via a Google search or a Pinterest link. The most-visited posts for each of the previous years were:

2013: Soft Pretzel Bites, Buns and Sausage Rolls

2012: Fruit and Nut Crisps

2011: Beet and Beef Borscht

2010: Chicken Marbella

2009: English Muffin Toasting Bread

So much for history, now it's time to quit looking back and get on the move - in the galley of course! Thanks for visiting my blog. SeattleDee

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  1. Hey friend do you give cooking classes making those wonderful looking sausage rolls ? Margi.


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